Ballin on a budget by// Rhiannon Tackett

Start Saving

To be a baller, you most definitely can’t have a dry bank account. If you have the habit of living paycheck to paycheck, you’ve got to drop it now!

A good way to start out saving is to find cheaper replacements for things you already spend money on. An easy expense to improve upon would be something most people buy on a daily basis – food. Whether it be a fancy dinner, fast food, or school lunch (ew) most of us purchase food daily. So instead of going out to B-dubs every weekend, settle for less. You don’t have to cut out eating out altogether, but it for sure saves some cash in the bank when you slow down on dining out.

There’s one thing that we have right at our fingertips that students rarely take advantage of, coupons. A lot of people don’t even know about e-coupons. These coupons are access ed through your phone, where you can get great deals on everyday items. There are E-coupons for food, appliances, makeup, and even sometimes clothes. Also don’t forget about the handy dandy cut-out coupons you can find in newspapers or at the grocery store.

If you shop a lot, then you need to utilize the sales that go on. A lot of stores have sales at least once a month. An example is American Eagle, every once in awhile they have the buy one get one half off jeans sale. This sale helps so much, especially when you’re spending $50 on each pair. Another tip while shopping is to just go to relatively cheaper stores. A few stores that are cheap and trendy are H&M (my favorite), Forever 21, and Target. You can also get name brand clothes for cheap online.

Backtracking to step one, it would be a good idea to make a checklist or put on your calendar any upcoming sales. Searching through clearance racks pays off in the end,not to mention they can be trendy too. Sometimes savings are just a click of a webpage or a supermarket away.

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