How to Promposal by// Orlenna Firkins

Whether you’re an outgoing person or an introvert doing these simple things your will make promposal a breeze.

For those who are creative and like to really go all out to try and impress people, doing a promposal is the best way to show off your skills. Of course the a full-on flash mob that has the whole school included, but small and thoughtful proposals is sure to guarantee you a yes. Doing something funny like giving your significant other a bunch of flour is a cool and fun twist on getting someone flowers.

Doing a play on words is a cute way to ask someone to prom too. Something along the line of those are all over the internet so they have to be a favorite among many. Of course if those cliche, but totally adorable promposal ideas don’t sound good enough, a more simple promposal is always acceptable.

Simply bringing your significant other a small stuffed animal or their favorite food with a sign that says something sweet would be a perfectly acceptable and adorable idea. Just doing something small that you know will mean so much to them will make their heart melt. The thought being put into the promposal will show plenty how much you really care about them. That would be another guaranteed yes.

Ladies taking the lead and doing the promposal is a cool and totally acceptable idea. The girl taking control and asking the guy before the guy can ask her is unique and cute.

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