NJROTC Annual Military Inspection Day by// Kami Geron

Today Cadets of New Albany’s NJROTC partook in their Annual Military Inspection (AMI). These cadets are up to one of their most stressful challenges to an outsider, but Master Gunnery Sergent Akermon (more commonly known just as Master Gunny) prepared them well. Master Gunny does informal inspections on uniform days, which is about once a month, depending on how busy the unit is. Once a year though, Commander Joe Hankins and some recruiters come for a more formal one.  Recruiters today were from the Navy, Marine Corps, and the Army. Inspection lasts around two hours then a ceremony is held.

Sophomore Jacob Hall, a Petty Officer 3rd Class, said “I do ROTC because it’s something I really enjoy. It has taught me self-pride, discipline, and how to be a leader. Also because I would like to be an officer in the military one day, but I’m not sure what branch I’d like to go into.”

When I asked Petty Officer Hall to describe AMI’s, he said “I describe the AMI as a chance to have something to show for everyone’s hard work as cadets. From our knowledge, to how our Uniforms look.”

During the inspection, the Inspector goes over the 6 platoons.

What do they inspect? In-place drills and cadets on their knowledge of: the orders to the sentry, chain of command, and how their uniform is presented. When you see Cadets around school, you may not notice all the aspects that are all equally important on the uniform. Everything has to be the correct measurement, for example, the rank device  has to be 1 and 7/8inch from the tip of the collar.

Today was a successful day for these Cadet’s. New Albany’s NJROTC is anything but ordinary, congratulations Master Gunny and the Cadets on a great inspection.

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