Album review by// Matthew Fitzsimmons’ & Tyler Boren

Post Malone’s album Stoney

Matthew Fitzsimmons’ favorite song: “Feeling Whitney”

Tyler Boren’s favorite song: “I Fall Apart”

Stoney is Post Malone’s second album. This album was released on December 9, 2016. This album gives a wide range from upbeat hip hop songs, to softer vibe songs, to even an acoustic song featuring Post Malone singing about a girl named Whitney, titled “Feeling Whitney”. This range of music gives this album a wide variety of fans something to listen to.

Our review for this album is good. It shows the full potential of Post Malone in his music. His album contains big new songs released on December 9 as well as older songs or hit singles such as “White Iverson”, “Deja Vu”, “Go Flex”, “Too Young” and “Congratulations”. The hit single “Congratulations” was the promotional release for Stoney and it swept through getting many people excited for the grand release. Although Stoney offers the vast range of music, Post Malone is known for his hip hop tracks and R&B sound which makes some slow songs, and adds a new taste of Post Malone we haven’t seen before.

This album is Post Malone’s first full-length studio release, and it gives us more of a taste of the sound we already loved. With the raspy, but smooth, vocals, and the chilled guitar with hyped trap beats, Stoney is a fun album with songs for every mood.

We give this album a 3.75/5. It is available on iTunes and Spotify.

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