Balling on a budget by//Rhiannon Tackett

Buying secondhand clothes might not sound very appealing  at first, but your wallet will be pretty happy when you don’t have to drop  another $50 on a pair of jeans.

Years ago, buying resale clothing was something people were ashamed of. If you bought secondhand clothing, you were probably not able to afford buying new clothing, according to

However, buying used clothing has become a new trend. Websites and apps where you can purchase and even sell your clothing are popping up everywhere on the internet and App Store. National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops (NARTS) reports that resale businesses, which include both thrift shops and consignment stores, represent one of the fastest-growing segments of the retail industry, according to

You don’t necessarily have to go to Goodwill, but there are plenty of consignment shops around like teen favorite Plato’s Closet and also local consignment shops. The app Poshmark allows users to buy and sell clothes (which I have bought off personally);the thing about buying off online is making sure that the stuff fits and making sure that you’re getting the right item. Make sure to watch out for scams while shopping on apps like Poshmark or ThreadUp, and don’t buy from any suspicious users.

The price rise of retail clothing is ridiculous (and we all know it). I’m not suggesting that your whole wardrobe should be hand-me-downs, but you really can find great second-hand clothes that don’t look used at all. Not to mention, it helps the environment. By not throwing away their old clothes like many of us do (guilty as charged), we’re using the clothes that we buy to their fullest potential.

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