5 steps to a better attitude by// Kat Lynn

With spring on its way, it is the perfect time to improve attitudes and spread kindness. Follow these five simple steps to better your attitude.

  1. Look at all situations externally. Forget about whatever emotions you’re feeling at the moment and take a step back. Look at situations as a bystander. This way you can see the reality of the situation without having biased opinions about it. If you give yourself time to breathe from stress it will allow the situation to heal more so than if you reacted immediately.
  2. Find a soothing method that works for you. Everyone needs something that can ease them when it comes to stressful situations. This can be something as simple as meditation or a phone call to someone who can ease you.
  3. Find ways to become content with yourself. Little things about yourself are often things that hold you together when you need it. If you are a strong person and you hold yourself at a high standard chances are you will recuperate easier and better.
  4. Stay off social media. The more you are on social media the more negativity you have the chance to see. Trying a phone cleanse will aide you in search for a better attitude.
  5. Eat healthy and feel good. If you eat “feel good foods” such as fresh fruit, organic materials, and stay away from processed or fast food, you will gain more nutrients and vitamins and will allow your body to relax. This will also give you the boost you need to find a better attitude.

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