5 days without makeup by//Erin Short

Now to some, wearing makeup might be a vital part of your everyday routine. But for me, that extra 15 minutes of sleep I get before my mom comes in and screams to get me to get up is my vital morning routine.

It is true that I set my alarm every night for 6 am with hopes of getting out of bed as soon as it sounds to get ready for the day. Unfortunately, I hit snooze an average of five times every morning; my snooze lasts for 9 minutes, you can see where that gets me.

Lucky for me, I have grown comfortable bearing a naked face to school. For those who come to school everyday with a full face of makeup, curled hair and a perfectly picked out outfit, I applaud you. There should honestly be some type of scholarship for that, it’s hard work.

It is always said, mostly on those cheesy signs that are hung up in classrooms, that it doesn’t matter what you wear or what you look like, which is understandable. But I also know that when I put effort in to my appearance for school, I genuinely have a better day.

If you feel better about the way you look you will feel more motivated to stay positive and work hard. “Dressing well can instill self-confidence which is necessary for test taking,” according to College Magazine.

So if you’re like me and can hardly find time to jump in to your clothes in the morning, try to give yourself a couple extra minutes. It is not about the makeup or the clothes; it is about being ready to tackle your day. I always try to look nice at least once or twice a week and I usually can.

Try and set a realistic goal and set that alarm a little earlier than usual. Getting up is the hard part, but the self confidence you will feel is definitely worth it.

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