Ballin on a budget- Shopping online by//Rhiannon Tackett

When you’re ballin on a budget time might be a problem, so online shopping can be your best friend because deals are simply a click away.

There are roughly 41 million kids in the U.S. between the ages of 10 and 19, which adds up to a lot of revenue for retailers, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Out of those shoppers,  about 48% shop online. Shopping online can save you money because the prices are relatively cheaper and there are also random promotional sales that go on on certain websites.

A pro to online shopping is that you can compare prices while online at different stores. For example, online a shirt could be $25 at Forever 21, but at H&M the same shirt could be $15 (OMG a whole $10!).  When you’re at the mall or another shopping place, I doubt you would would want to walk from one store, to another, then right back just to find out that you aren’t saving any cash… or maybe I’m just lazy? Opening another browser is way more convenient than going store to store, especially if you don’t live near a mall.

Some good stores to shop at online are Forever 21, Zaful, and Tilly’s. These stores and a lot of others have a clearance section where you can get stuff for literally dirt cheap. Also on some websites there are “exclusive” sections where the items can only be bought  online, and you can’t buy them in stores. This means that you’ll not only be ballin on a budget, but ballin in style.

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