Emily’s Eight by// Emily Owens

Eight Travel Hacks

Spring break is closer than you know. It is nine days away and if you have ever gone anywhere while on spring break, you know that packing is one the hardest things to do for some people. However for people like me, it’s a great time to get creatively organized.  Spring break is the time to relax and let go of all the worries, and that includes whether or not you have everything for your trip. Here are eight hacks that will help you travel smarter.

  1. Roll your clothes

When you fold and roll your clothes it allows space to be used in your suitcase to maximum capacity. Instead of taking two suitcases, you can just take one.

  2. Dryer sheets aroma

To keep your clothes smelling nice and fresh through long hours of driving or flying, put a dryer sheet in the top and bottom of your suitcase.

  3. Call your credit and debit card company

Instead of your company calling you first and freaking you out, notify them before you leave town to ensure that you are on vacation using your money through your cards.

   4. Double duty

Use sunglasses and glasses cases to store jewelry and loose cables. Use sandwich bags for toiletries.  

    5. Oops, forgot your charger

In your hotel room check the side of the TV, they usually have USB ports for your use.

    6. Shower caddy food tray

Eating in the car is considerably a lot harder than eating in a stable environment. A shower caddy makes for easy eating. If you are not in a stabilized environment make sure your food is!

    7. Plastic bags are your best friend

Going to the beach? Prevent your phone from getting wet by putting it into a plastic bag. Extra stuff you need to to be organized? Plastic bags are great for organization because you can easily group similar things together.

   8. Don’t leave it all behind

Take the free lotion, conditioner, and shampoo the hotel provides. Take a free coffee for the road, and that complimentary cookie that comes with it!

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