How to attend a school play by//Orlenna Firkins

When attending a school play as an audience member, it’s important to know what you should and shouldn’t do there.

Buy your tickets early. It’s always good to purchase your tickets before the actual day of the play that way you’re guaranteed to get one before they’re sold out.

Don’t be on your phone. It’s distracting and rude to be on your phone during a play. Not only does it distract you and others around you from the actors, it could potentially mess up the technology that has to do with the lights and sound of the play. Taking pictures is okay as long as there’s no flash but playing a game during it.

Show up on time. Don’t be that person that shows up 15 minutes late and makes a bunch of noise trying to get in and get to your seat. If you’re going to be late just don’t show up at all.

Clap for the actors and actresses. It’s important to clap for them but only at appropriate times. Don’t clap or cheer during the middle of a performance. It’s polite to clap for everyone, not just person you’re going to see.

Be respectful of not so talented kids. Some kids aren’t the best at singing, dancing, or acting but it’s impolite to laugh or make fun of them. Just clap for them and move on.  

Seeing a play can be fun but it’s important to follow those guidelines in order to be respectful and help everyone have a good time.

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