What you should know by// Kylee Jackson

Covering news, events, and stories that you should know from local, nationwide and worldwide sources.

Local Coverage

Jewish Community Center of Louisville evacuated due to reported bomb threat

March 8 around noon, the Jewish Community Center of Louisville was evacuated due to a bomb threat, according to MetroSafe Dispatcher. (WRDB)

6-year-old dies in crash near Borden, Indiana

  A 6-year-old boy was killed in a violent crash near Deam Lake in Borden early this morning. There were three cars involved in the violent car crash on Hwy. 60. The boy was in a white Impala, which was split in half during the accident. Four other people were rushed to the hospital, but their injuries were not considered life-threatening. The boy was pronounced dead at the hospital. (WDRB)

Nationwide Coverage

OJ Simpson could be released from prison as early as October

O.J. Simpson could get out of prison later this year, if a pivotal parole hearing goes his way. The hearing will likely take place in July, according to David Smith, spokesman for the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners. Depending on the outcome, the “Juice” could be loose as soon as October 1. Previous ratings of Simpson have scored him in the low-risk category for release.Simpson — who was famously acquitted in 1995 in the slayings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman — has been serving out a 9- 33 year sentence for his role in a 2007 incident that unfolded in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Trump’s draft budget proposes billion dollar cut to Coast Guard

   President Donald Trump’s budget proposal includes a $1.3 billion cut to the US Coast Guard. The plan is to boost the Department of Homeland Security’s total budget by 6%, up to $43.8 billion. That increase would primarily go to border security and would be paid for with the Coast Guard cuts and reductions to other agencies.

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