5 steps for leaving for college by// Kat Lynn

If you are going away for college there are some essentials you need when getting ready to leave home and trade for a dorm. This list will making packing, moving, and living differently slightly more comfortable.

1. Know your roommate(s). If you know you will be rooming with someone before you leave, take the time to look for them on social media or possibly even contact them. Whether you are concerned about the decorations or allergies, you should get to know your roommate.
2. Make sure you have the basics covered before you leave. Have a back up for everything, charger, money, clothes, etc. The last thing you want is to be settling in and notice having forgot something, especially if you are moving further away.
3. Do not rush into leaving. Leaving friends and family is always harder than you think. The excitement of starting new beginnings can be wonderful, but that is time you are not getting that time back. Embrace the time left you have with loved ones before you leave.
4. Don’t let last minute grades slip. Just because we are in the last few months of high school, colleges are still monitoring grades, especially those offering scholarships. 40% of students earning a Tennessee Hope scholarship alone lose their scholarship before senior year due to grades, according to Time News.
5. Be financially stable. Do not go off to college not knowing if you are going to be able to buy your dinner. Make sure you are financially supported whether you have a job, are supported by your family, or have funds saved up, make sure you know you are going to be supported before you plan on going away or moving out of your family’s house.

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