5 steps to cope with Indiana weather by// Kat Lynn

How to deal with the wild weather in the Midwest


Keep emergency weather supplies in your car. Umbrellas, a change of clothes, ice scrapers, ice melt, a jacket, anything that could be used to benefit you in the case of an emergency weather change. This will only ensure you are prepared for the worst, even if weather does not change, at least you are prepared.


Know the way to alternatives. You may not think to have ice melt on hand, especially when it is 80 degrees outside and your tires are stuck in mud. However, cat litter works as a fantastic traction aide and usually can give your tires enough grip to climb out of the mud.


Plan for the worst. Not to be pessimistic, but in Indiana this is really the way to think when it comes to weather. In the past week, Indiana has experienced anything from the low 20’s to the high 70’s. If they say rain, expect a downpour. If they say it will be chilly, expect snow. If they say it will get warm, pack sunscreen.


Follow the old saying. “If you don’t like the weather in Indiana, wait ten minutes and it will change.” This is not too far from the truth as our weather does tend to change rather rapidly.


Always plan ahead. If you plan on having a party, event, date night, etc. plan on every type of weather possible. If you dress light, be sure to take a jacket or something to cover up with, have a backup plan, and don’t be surprised if the weather changed 10 times within the night.

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