Wanderin’ around Louisville by// Kylee Jackson

Dress & Dwell is a little boutique on East Spring Street in downtown New Albany. It’s locally owned and the only location. They have a website where you can shop and order all the latest styles and accessories. Their Instagram “dressanddwell”, which has 15.5k followers, features all their latest additions to the website and features local models showing off the new merchandise.

Model for Dress & Dwell, sophomore Ella Harrison, who also works in the store, is a Dress & Dwell enthusiast and encourages everyone from the area to experience the boutique for themselves.

“I love the thought of it being such a successful local business, when you spend locally it stays within the community,” Harrison said. “The atmosphere in the shop itself is adorable, they do a good job of switching up decor and keeping everything new and exciting! The clothes are great quality and are always in style.”

Modern fashion with southern charm, that’s how they describe the style of their line, and I think that’s the perfect way to describe it. They don’t just have clothing either.

“They have office supplies and houses decor for every room of the house, its very chic and modern. They have high end jewelry brands like Bourbon and Bowtie, along with their own jewelry and accessory line. You can keep your babies and kids instyle too, they just came out with the new line of spring clothing for the little ones,” says Harrison”

Go check out your local boutique today, you won’t be disappointed.




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