Marley’s Entertainment Essentials – Summer Edition

The smell of sunscreen and the feeling of jumping into an icy cold pool is almost tangible. We’re in the home stretch of the school year: less than a week.  So, in honor of the freedom of the season quickly approaching, this week’s selection of entertainment essentials is strictly summer.

“Hotel California” – The Eagles & “Summer Breeze” – Seals & Croft // Music

These two songs are grouped together due to their similarity: both are classic ‘70s songs that are widely regarded as being quintessential summer tunes. While “Hotel California” is backed by a memorable guitar melody and a general rhythm that makes the listener want to drop what they’re doing and purchase the first Volkswagen minibus they can find, “Summer Breeze” establishes its chill vibe with the use of upbeat instrumentation reminiscent of a toy piano and carefree lyrics. Let’s be real: summer is even in the title. Where could you go wrong?

“Midnight City” – M83 // Music

Windows down. Music blaring. Highway driving at 3 A.M. City lights on the horizon. We m83-hurry-up-were-dreaming-cover-300x275.jpghave all enjoyed this moment while being surrounded by friends. If you were to create a song based off of this scenario and the feelings associated with it, “Midnight City” would be the result. This ethereal song is one that most of us have probably already heard. Its unique use of synthesizer creates a catchy, memorable melody perfect for the summer.

“Walking on a Dream” – Empire of the Sun // Music

“Walking on a Dream” is a popular electronic alternative song that rose to fame after being used in a 2016 Honda Civic commercial. The infectious beat and catchy chorus are perfect for the summer, whether it be driving around or blasting on some poolside speakers.


That ‘70s Show // TV

Almost every teen I know has either finished, is currently watching, or started to watch That ‘70s Show. There is good reason as to why it is so universally loved — it is clearly one of the greatest shows of all time. That ‘70s Show is a comedy that any teen (or anybody who was once a teen) will find relatable and endearing. Also, the length of the show is a perk for binge watching. Since the show is 8 seasons long, it will keep you entertained all summer.



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