NAFC’s interim superintendent By//Lily Haag

     Since superintendent Dr. Bruce Hibbard resigned in June 2017, Dr. Brad Snyder has taken over his duties as the superintendent.

    “It was a mixed blessing,” Dr. Snyder said. “It was a little bit of both. Part of me was honored and grateful but probably the bigger part of me was more apprehensive.”

    Dr. Snyder has a long history working in education, he is a former teacher, studied education in college, worked in administration, and assumed the roles of deputy superintendent in 2002.

    “You want to come here [NAFCS]. I really believe that. There are other choices and other schools but count your blessings you get to go to this one,” Dr. Snyder said.

     Snyder has been in New Albany since 1983. His extended time here has led to a great appreciation of this school district.

     “I think the majority of our employees and the culture is committed to excellence,” Dr. Snyder said. “I personally think my strength is excellence. It can also be a weakness, I’m sometimes committed too much to excellence.”

     The board is in the process of selecting a permanent superintendent, they hope to make a nomination in November and the new superintendent is scheduled to begin in early 2018 according to Dr. Snyder. Even though Dr. Snyder will most likely hold the position for a short time, he has a plan.

     “I hope to continue all of [what Hibbard did],” Dr. Snyder said. “We have a high level of performance in three areas (academics, athletics, and fine arts) and I see no reason to change all of that.”

     NAHS has many opportunities to get involved and Dr. Snyder says Hibbard did a great job improving these programs.

     “We have an international baccalaureate program, we have an outstanding NJROTC program, we have an amazing boys basketball program, a football program that’s on the rise, and our graduation rate is amazing,” Dr. Snyder said.

    Even though Dr. Snyder is in an administrative role but he knows the importance of good teachers.

    “We have excellent teachers, coaches, administrators, and excellent student,” Dr. Snyder said. “That’s what I want and that’s what I expect.”

    Many students think that they’re just a number to those in positions of power, but those in administration take pride in the accomplishments of students.

    “Our greatest day of the year is the first Sunday in June because it’s a milestone,” Dr. Snyder said. “It’s recognizing a transition point that we’ve done the very best we can do with their youth.”

    Even though Dr. Snyder has grown to expect a certain level of performance from students he knows that academic achievement is only part of what makes a school.

    “First and foremost is being a fun place to learn,” Dr. Snyder said. “It needs to be fun, I don’t see any point in having rigidity.”

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