Bulldogs come up short against Highlanders by// Erikah Crosier

The Bulldog volleyball team got swept by Floyd Central in three sets September 7.

The Bulldogs anticipated a difficult physical and mental match as both teams had comparable records going into the match. Bulldogs were looking to capitalize on FC’s passing and defensive weaknesses but the Bulldogs poor serving and receiving ultimately determined the match.

“They have several D1 athletes that are attackers who hit the ball really well,” veteran Coach John Breeding. “Especially in the third game, that doesn’t mean we would’ve won the match but we were up 18-15 and kind of let it get away from us.”

Mary Claire Meyer wanted to leave the “lit” locker room atmosphere behind and be focused at game time.

“Atmosphere is crazy before games,” Meyer said. “But we try not to get too excited because we don’t play well.”

The Bulldogs’ game plan was to go out and leave it all on the court. They executed the plan but still came up short.  

“We played enthusiastic, energetic and we stayed up the whole time as a team,” Coach Breeding said. “We played really hard, with a lot of effort, even when we were down we stayed together and were relentless as far as trying  to succeed.”

This loss puts the Bulldogs record at 7-5 overall and 1-2 in conference as the head into their match Tuesday against Jeffersonville, which is also senior night.

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