New Members of the Bulldog Family by //Tanner Burch & Sophie Owens  

This profile series is an ode to all of the new or “rejoining” staff of our high school. The types of teachers vary from new coaches, language teachers, and even language teachers turned administration. Each and every new addition has something to offer.

Teacher turned Administrator

crickNormally you don’t hear about a Spanish teacher becoming the assistant principal. Jamie Crick would be an exception.

“I am the Assistant Principal for Staff Development,” Crick said. “In this position, I work with teachers to schedule classes for the upcoming year, attend professional development, I plan and lead meetings for first and second year teachers as well as AP teachers and department coaches.  I also help our awesome counselors in organizing and planning for tests, such as ISTEP, AP exams, IB exams, the PSAT and more.  I also analyze a lot of data related to different standardized exams.”

Crick was a teacher at NAHS for 13 years. She completed an Educational Specialist degree through Bellarmine University with latin teacher Mr. Steve Prince a couple of years ago.

“In doing so, I became more interested in this position. I had served as a department coach and new teacher mentor and enjoyed those roles,” Crick said. “When Mr. Belcher (former assistant principal) decided to return to the classroom, I interviewed and was fortunate to be given the opportunity to do this.”

Her opportunity opened many doors, even some doors she didn’t previously know about.

“I have realized that I knew a lot about a little at NAHS when I started this job over the summer,” Crick said. “There is much to learn.  My biggest hope is to gain the opportunity to positively impact every teacher, which in turn impacts every student, that walks through the doors of NAHS.  It is the best school in the state.  I often say that I wasn’t born a Bulldog or raised a Bulldog, but I am a BULLDOG now and don’t want to be anything else.”

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