200+ geese euthanized in Clarksville by// Tanner Burch


Between June 3 and July 3 more than 200 geese were euthanized in Clarksville off of Veterans Parkway. The intent was to control the overpopulation of geese, reduce sanitation issues, as well as clear out land for a construction project.

Many residents and shoppers in the area would consider the geese constant nuisances.

From early June to early July, during their flightless period, over 200 geese were caught in funnel traps and euthanized by Rusty’s Animal Control, a company contracted by the town.

Prior to the removal of the geese, the two submitted a permit application with the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife, according to News and Tribune.

The geese that flew into Clarksville were initially from Canada.

Science teacher Clark Mumaw offered a solution: “Send them to Canada.”

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) district wildlife biologist can issue permits, either to euthanize, or relocate the geese. If the DNR were to issue a permit for relocation, then the geese would be federally protected, and would then be taken to a sanctioned wildlife area. If the DNR were to issue a permit for euthanization, due to their potential of flying back, the animals would have to be euthanized by a state-approved company, according to News and Tribune.

Zoology teacher Mrs. Rachel Clark says there was an alternative to the killing of the geese.

“I do not think it is right to euthanize animals out in the wild just because they might be a nuisance to others,” Clark said. “You could relocate them to a state park or some type of animal refuge.”

The euthanization did not wipe out the entire Clarksville Town Hall geese population. The three-year contract with Rusty’s Animal Control includes follow-ups between April 1 and July 3.

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