Books with Sophie by// Sophie Owens

The Handmaid’s TaleUnknown

The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood is for those who prefer the earliest modern feminist text in the form of juicy dystopian novels instead of lofty essays. In this book we are introduced to a dystopian world. Taking an outside look at this new world and you would assume it was a man’s world yet, I argue that it is a woman’s world, even though governed, seemingly, and policed by men. Its ethos is entirely domestic, its female population is divided into classes based on household functions. This book walks across the line of what we would consider right and wrong. It captivates you and forces you to almost take pity on the antagonist who is, everyone else. In this world no one can truly be trusted. This world is about survival of the fittest. What woman can produce and those who can’t. The Handmaid’s Tale forces you to be thankful for the freedom of free-thought. It’s just a great book.

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