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Eight ways to deal with the death of summer


Rest in peace summer. If we survive another year, the only thing we ask is that you’re just a little longer.

One thing about having school earlier than the rest of the world, is that summer comes and goes so fast that there is not even enough time for a funeral. Suddenly July 27 was here, and school resurrected from it’s grave. Great, now we have to get up at six in the morning for the next 170-ish days. Here are eight ways to make going back to school and slowly losing the sun’s warm embrace just a little less painful.

  1. Break the summer sleep schedule

 We all did it at least once, or maybe every night; but we all stayed up past three in the morning. If we are going to survive to see the next summer, sleep has to become a necessity. We must keep ourselves and guard our hearts from the movie black hole, that is also known as Netflix. We must rise to occasion, so that we can rise in the morning. GO TO SLEEP. If you have school tomorrow, and you are reading this after midnight, finish reading it, but then go to bed. Right after, go to bed.

    2. Eating healthy

Don’t you dare skip to the next one. The reason why eating healthy will make losing summer less painful is actually very simple: the healthier you eat the more energized you are. Now that it’s not possible for anyone to pull off sleeping till noon everyday without being truant, we can’t compensate lack of energy with oversleeping. That means there has to be another way to get energy that will last the entire day. Since July 27, I have been very strict on myself to always eat a balanced breakfast in the morning. I have noticed that I am more focused, I am not falling asleep in class, and I also find myself more organized. I get really hungry forlunch time so I eat a good lunch that consists of tummy-filling fruit, yogurt and rice. I can honestly tell you, the start of my senior year has been the most productive start ever.

    3. Habitual studying

Study habits seems to be the coined term, but I like to say ‘habitual studying’. What’s the difference? Glad you asked. Personally, I have always failed at creating ‘study habits’. To me, study habits is like that one person you meet and you could potentially become friends, but every time you agree to hang out with them you actually never get around to it. Study habits are the different ways you can study. Habitual study is the frequency and beating heart of your study life. The more you study, the more you know. The key word there is ‘more’. Instead of trying to come up with a different and revolutionary ways to study vocabulary words, just do the basic thing first and do your best to study frequently.

    4. Positive vibes

The thing about feeling good is that it’s usually a choice. To me, an easy way to be in a good mood is giving out positive vibes to others even when you don’t feel like it. It’s not the easiest thing to be sweet and nice to others when the only feelings is bad vibes. If the end-game of life is to pursue happiness then we have to be willing to share it first. It can be with anyone! There are plenty of people NAHS who have it worst than most of us here. I want to do my

best to be an understanding person and think he best of everyone. I truly do think doing this has changed my life, and has helped the levels of happiness in my life exponentially grow.

    5. Staying sane

During school, it’s safe to say we all become different people. Stressing out over school is one of my downfalls. If I stress out it’s usually about Newspaper, or my grades and doing everything I can to make them better. Too much school stress can make anyone lose their mind. Part of staying sane, as a student,  is having balance between school and our personal lives. A good way to go about this is simply setting time aside, no matter what, dedicated to just chillin’ out. One way I do this is by reading a book for fun, or going on a hike.

    6. Self value

Society-driven perspective of what our generation should be leads to conflicting times at school. Bad peer-pressure can lead you to somewhere you would’ve never been, if not under the influence other people making decisions based off of Instagram and Twitter. Having self-value during this day and age is almost hard to come by. Being confident is something that comes from within more than something you put on. Choosing to be confident despite what people say can be really hard, but it’ll be worth it. Your self-value will keep you from making decisions you will regret.

    7. Retail therapy

In my opinion, part of getting over summer is the fun you have buying new school supplies. Man, I love seeing all the new folders, because usually there are some that are corny and those are the ones I end up buying.  I like to pick up 5-subject notebooks and write the different subjects in them. My favorite thing to buy are pencils. The feeling I get purchasing  .9, .7, and .5 pencils can be described as satisfying. Buying school supplies makes me want to be better student and use all of the tabs I am buying. It makes me want to be organized.  

   8. Take it one day at a time

As each day passes, we get further and further away from summer. While it is a saddening thought, we can’t let the memory of summer keep us from kicking school in the butt. Take it day by day. School comes and goes so fast when you take it slow. That’s probably the most ironic statement ever, but it’s actually true. Before you know it, you’ll be walking across the stage towards your future whether summer is waiting behind it, or not.

Trump’s twitter fingers on the frontline of transphobia by// Lily Haag and Marley Wells

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 1.44.53 PM

Trump’s latest example of blatant bigotry incites debate over what qualifies somebody to serve

Donald Trump shocked the world on July 26 by announcing the military would no longer accept transgender individuals to serve.

What ensued shortly after can be described in one word: firestorm. A chaotic mess of differing opinions surfaced within social media, veterans’ groups, and political figures. Many have been given the opportunity to voice their honest thoughts about the transgender population, often transphobic, due to Trump’s propensity for blunt and often offensive comments.

This announcement was made via Twitter, falling into line with Trump’s history of tweet-happy tendencies. Despite the magnitude of the issue, he thought that the best way to inform America of the change, which will undoubtedly affect many individuals, was over social media, showing the clear lack of professionalism that many have grown to associate with Trump.

As expected, many were outraged. His reasoning for this bigoted policy was the medical costs associated with transgender individuals. He gave no data to support his claims. Since his tweets were made public, a plethora of data related to United States military spending surfaced, causing political uproar.

Many connections have been drawn between military spending regarding transgender medical costs in comparison to the costs of other “frivolous” medical expenses, such as Viagra, which the U.S. military spends $41.6 million on annually, according to The Washington Post. The total national defense budget is $598.5 billion. To put into perspective, the estimated treatment of transgender individuals would only account for one-thousandth of a percent of the military’s annual budget.

No other reason has been offered to explain the sudden policy change. From this, one conclusion can be drawn: transphobia. Given Trump’s history of brazen comments and strong opinions, it corroborates with his typical insensitivity to minorities.

Trump’s policy promotes exclusion and further oppression of an already marginalized group. If a person is able-bodied and selfless enough to serve their country, they should not be denied the right to do so simply because of their gender identity. Furthermore, the military is already hard-pressed to find individuals willing to risk their lives in the name of nationalism. In turn, it is nonsensical to turn away those who have a desire to do so.

As said by Jeff Miller, a US representative for the state of Florida, “The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude.”

Even though these soldiers readily make sacrifices for their country, we are hesitant to reciprocate with our gratitude. Transgender soldiers do everything in their power to support their country. Why can’t their country support them?

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