In the Life of a Student Teacher

Math teacher Brookelyn Visker ready to take on the challenge

Gabby Gonzalez, Reporter

Not much older than many students at NAHS, 24 year-old Brookelyn Visker is ready to take on the challenge of teaching them.  

     “As a student teacher I’ve always worked as a one-on-one, just to share their thought process,” Visker said. “It’s different when you’re presenting your thought process to 30 different minds, at least. That’s just something I struggle with, because there are some things that I assume they know but in reality I skipped like 10 steps and they don’t understand. So then I just break it down for those people to understand. That’s probably my biggest challenge, other than keeping them engaged and making math class fun.”

     The first day of school can be very intimidating, and just like that teaching in front of real students can be the same.

     “It’s sort of awkward,” Visker said. “I mean, Mrs. Primavera does a great job of making it my class as well, but deep down you know that it’s not your class. When the teacher walks out students change and it’s weird and awkward at first.”

     It might be overwhelming to teach kids, even more when completely comfortable with yet, but the students try to make the teaching environment easier for Visker.

     “Ms. Visker is so good already as a student teacher,” sophomore Vanessa Encarnacion said. “She knows how to explain things to you and she asks if you understand. I think that in the future she is going to be a great teacher.”

     Although the students and Visker haven’t really gotten to know each other, they know that Visker is there to help.

     “I feel like I have a good relationship with the students,” Visker said. “However I do feel like I come off as sarcastic or really dry. Some students have trouble with certain things. But I really do want them to know that I’m here to help and that if they don’t get it, I can help. Sometimes I have to let them know that ‘Hey, it’s not the end of the world we can get through this together.’ I really enjoy working with them and learning from them too.”

     The amount of people who plan to become a teacher was at a low of 4.2% in 2016 according to neaToday. However, that does not discourage Visker from becoming a teacher.

     “I used to be a softball coach at first,” Visker said. “I really enjoyed just working with kids and just seeing them blossom from where they started to where they’re at now. It’s just rewarding for me to see them become more mature and grow as a person.”

     As time goes on, one thing for sure is that Visker and her passion to teach, will continue to grow.