Cinco De May-No

Chandler Price, Reporter

America is known for being a diverse country of cultures, but rarely do many of Americans know what the true meaning of traditions.

Cinco De Mayo is one of the biggest misconstrued holidays that is more celebrated in America than it is in Mexico, according to History. Many mistake Cinco De Mayo with Mexico’s independence day which is actually September 16.

“Many Americans are really uneducated about the real history of Cinco De Mayo really is about,” Spanish teacher Ms. Jensen Ricke said.

Cinco De Mayo took place in Puebla Mexico when the country declared bankruptcy and couldn’t pay back their war debt to France. The French then decided to invade the state of Puebla with 6,000 troops compared to the 2,000 ragtag Mexican soldiers; at the end of the battle, the 2,000 Mexican soldiers were able to drive out the 6,000 French troops. From that day forward the state of Puebla claimed the fifth of May as their victory, according to History.

“Cinco De Mayo is just another way for Americans to get drunk,” junior Cecilia Garcia said.

Many companies capitalize on the holiday, especially the alcohol industry; the holiday is the fourth most drunken holiday in America, according to History. Some mistakenly celebrate the holiday by drinking tequila and improperly saying Cinco De Mayo as Sinko Day Mayo.

“I think Cinco De Mayo being celebrated in America is dumb; it;s not their tradition, Mexico doesn’t celebrate the fourth of July,” junior Jacie Martinez said.

Only ten percent of Americans know about the true meaning, according to National Today. That is too small of a percentage. Cinco De Mayo has really only become an American washed holiday, Mexico doesn’t even celebrate it. Why doesn’t Mexico celebrate the Battle Of Bunker Hill? They realize that it has no relevance to their country.

Cinco De Mayo is a fun holiday to celebrate, but why does America have to celebrate it?