Tough loss for boys basketball


Kami Geron

Senior Derrick Stevenson fakes out the defender.

Kami Geron, Creative Editor

After a tough battle, the New Albany Bulldogs came out of the game with a 60-49 loss to the Jeffersonville Red Devils. Senior Derrick Stevenson was a leading scorer with 11 points.

The night was a nail biter as most rivalries are, back-and-fourth scoring led into a tied half of 29-29. In the third quarter the Bulldogs pulled away with a six-point run, and the Red Devils fans were finally starting to get quiet. Then we entered the fourth quarter with just a one-point lead. Those last eight minutes were a complete game changer. Fouls and missed shots put the Red Devils even further ahead, and at the final buzzer they had an 11 lead.

Stevenson was 1-4 on three-pointers, junior Trey Hourigan  3-7, freshman Tucker Biven 2-5, and freshman Kaden Stanton 1-4, making the Bulldogs 7-20 (35%) for the night. On the defensive side, senior Chris Johnson grabbed four rebounds. Juniors Julien Hunter and Hourigan had seven and four rebounds respectively. The Bulldogs are now 5-5.

On January 11 the bulldogs will host the Madison Cubs with varsity starting at 7:30 pm.