Bulldogs Lose in Championship


Kami Geron

Jordan Thomas dunks the ball sending the arena into a frenzy.

Kami Geron, Creative Editor

The Bulldogs season came to an end Saturday night in a 60-42 loss to Jeffersonville. Sophomore Jordan Thomas came out strong with double digits, matching  senior Derrick Stevenson as the Bulldogs leading scorer.


Senior Derrick Stevenson: 14 points

Senior Chris Johnson: 4 points

Senior Landon Sprigler: 0 points

Junior Trey Hourigan: 0 points

Junior Hayden Krebs: 0 points

Sophomore Jordan Thomas: 14 points

Sophomore Jarah Anderson: 1 point

Freshman Tucker Biven: 5 points

Freshman Kaden Stanton: 4 points