NBA Saturday Primetime predictions

With the playoffs inching closer, things are heating up between teams trying to make the playoffs or clinch the No. 1 spot.

NBA Saturday Primetime predictions

Thomas Britton, Reporter

Boston Celtics vs. LA Lakers While this may seem like an important game on paper, it’s now only really important for the Celtics. The Lakers have officially announced Lebron will be getting a minute reduction. With this, we can see that the Lakers have given up on playoff hopes. Kyrie and the Celtics need this win against a limited Lakers to mend team chemistry and hopefully get the team back on track. I think this game is 50/50.

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Charlotte Hornets With the Bucks almost certainly locking in their No. 1 spot for the East, they look to walk through a struggling and sluggish Hornets team. Giannis will lead his team right through Charlotte without effort.

Portland Trail Blazers vs. Phoenix Suns With the Blazers on a streak, they’ll try to beat the Phoenix Suns. The Suns having one of their worst seasons on record have pulled off a couple surprise wins against the Lakers and Bucks. However, I think their short burst will be ended Lillard’s high confidence team.

Sacramento Kings vs. NY Knicks The Kings have surprised everyone this season. While having several losing seasons the past couple years, they now have an even record. Buddy Hield has been having an amazing season and should go right through the Knicks.

Brooklyn Nets vs. Atlanta Hawks The Nets have had a similar story to the Kings. Having horrible seasons, they have also found a way to make it towards the top of the East. While Trae Young of the Hawks having a hot stretch may test the Nets, I don’t think it’s enough to beat D-Lo’s squad.