On My Mind // Trump ‘n’ Momo

Donald Trump's latest controversies and a meme back from the dead

On My Mind // Trump 'n' Momo

Haley Wernz, Reporter

Momo hoax is nothing new

I don’t understand why the Momo Challenge is such a big deal again. In 2018, it was basically just spooky chainmail designed to scare kids with threats and scary pictures. It’s the same as those 2012 “If you don’t share this with 30 friends, there will be a bloody ghost with a knife in your room at 3AM!” posts. Who even actually believed those?

Now the Momo Challenge is back and it’s targeting children, using a scary image of a woman with bulging eyes, a creepy smile, and greasy black hair known online only as “Momo.”

The main thing people should be concerned about is the fact that some sickos are putting images of “Momo” (a statue of a chicken woman titled “Mama” that has rotted away since its creation in 2016) in videos targeted for children on the app Youtube Kids. It’s said that the image appears in the middle of Peppa Pig videos (along with “surprise egg” videos and Fortnite videos), and tells children to do things like put a knife to their throat or murder their families or else. Obviously, these videos are targeted for children aged 2-5, who would be understandably terrified. But they wouldn’t have the capacity to do what they were told. The issue isn’t what they’re being told, it’s what they’re being shown.

Trump should consider safety, not his giant ego

In case you didn’t know, President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met last week to discuss governmental stuff. However, President Trump walked away from a deal because he didn’t want to be more lenient on sanctions (restrictions) towards North Korea. Had he gone through with the deal, North Korea would have dismantled their largest nuclear site.

After last year when Donald Trump and KJU had a bit of a squabble and people thought we were on the brink of World War III, as KJU reportedly “has the nuclear button on his desk at all times,” to which Donald Trump (through a tweet) stated his was “bigger” and “much more powerful.”

You would think he’d be trying to work toward reconciling with North Korea and working toward denuclearization, but apparently not. It was a stupid thing to do, really. Whether or not North Korea is a threat is debatable, but why would you intentionally say “no thanks” when someone offers to dismantle their nuclear site?

Details from Cohen are no surprise

In other Trump-y news, his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen has completely thrown Donald Trump under the bus, and understandably so. Cohen had a hearing before the House Oversight and Reform Committee, and absolutely obliterated President Trump. He called President Trump a liar, a tax evader, a racist, and that it was true that Trump had paid women to be silent about affairs he had with them. The most notable of these women is Stephanie Clifford (also known professionally as Stormy Daniels), a pornographic actress and stripper.

Honestly, we knew this already. Allegedly, Cohen paid her $130,000 under the instruction of Donald Trump. Trump had previously admitted to authorizing the payment, but said it was to silence Clifford from spreading false information. Cohen says it was to silence her from spreading the truth. The Cohen hearing is very telling of what President Trump is like, but there is no way to know for sure if it is all true or not. You should take the hearing information with a grain of salt, or at the very least come to your own conclusions.