Athlete’s choice

Kyler Murray had a big decision to make when it came to his future, but it seems no matter the choice, critics won’t cease


Thomas Britton, Reporter

All of the so called, “controversy”, surrounding college athlete standout Kyler Murray, is uncalled for. Murray is one of few college athletes who can boast their professional talent in more than one sport. One of the most memorable being the dominant Bo Jackson. The Oklahoma QB had viable opportunities in both the MLB and NFL. With a decision this big, of course Murray was in the public eye. However, people seem to want to make the choice for him. Murray should be able to make a decision based on his passion and values without criticism coming his way.

Any sports fan should know that a professional dual sport athlete is very hard to come by. A rule of thumb when it comes to this is to appreciate their greatness. Yet, people want to pressure and criticize his actions when it comes to choosing a future for HIMSELF.

Murray was one of the top athletes of 2018,  in which he won the Heisman trophy and led Oklahoma to a top four spot in the country. He was also a excellent outfielder for the Sooners baseball team. With this overloaded resumè, his options were endless. Before the college football season could end, he already had a offer from the Oakland Athletics.

Apart from this, NFL teams want a Heisman QB with great decision making to claim for their franchise.  Recruiters from both sports have been trying to persuade him. According to ESPN, if he were to choose MLB, the Athletics would offer him a $4.66 million signing bonus.

On paper, baseball might be the better deal for him. To put it into perspective, the NFL may not seem to be the best option considering his situation. Standing at only 5’11, he’s the shortest QB in years according to Sports IllustratedDespite being one of the top QBs in the nation, people want to put him down for his height. He was exceptional this season and while the NFL does offer tougher and bigger competition, it will rattle any rookie, not just him. 

Murray, once looking at himself, said he was declaring for the NFL draft on Twitter, which is coming up on April 25th. While it’s his official decision to declare for the draft, he still has the option to opt out within the first year of being drafted.

Whether it be fans or sports analysts, people want to criticize the decision he’s making. It’s Murray’s decision and no one else’s. While you could argue that some people are just looking out for his best interest, along with close friends and family, he can do what he feels is best for him. All of the outside hate is unneeded. It’s his life and passion which will naturally lead him to the right choice in his eyes. And that’s all that should matter.