TikTok Talk

Tiktok is the hottest and newest viral trend among teens

Marjony Gomez, Web and Social Media Director

In case you’re a part of a teenagers or tween life, chances are TikTok is part of your life, regardless of whether you’re scrolling through hours on the app, or simply being surrounded by the endless loops of the viral songs and sounds.

For the unenlightened, TikTok is a social media app you can use to make recordings, generally by lip-syncing or dancing alongside top tunes. You can share the recordings you make with companions, or with a greater circle of TikTok users.

You can also follow different creators on the app without posting your own content. Individuals can become TikTok — numerous minor TikTok celebrities have 100,000 or more supporters and the greatest stars break 10 million and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Junior Ariel Gentry alone has received over 40k likes on her TikTok account.

What’s was your first impression of TikTok?

Ariel: I first expected that TikTok would be similar to Vine.

How did you find out about the app?
A: I was a part of the app when it was still known as Musically, so I was automatically a part of TikTok when the app made the update.

What’s your favorite thing Tik Tok?
A:I enjoy the creativity that is found as well as all the music on the app.

Why do you use TikTok? 
When I get bored I tend to use TikTok because it easy to find good entertainment.

Who is your favorite TikTok creator?
My favorite creator is Aaron Hull 

What’s the your favorite TikTok trend of all time? 
I really enjoyed the Makeup Clown Trend.

What has been your personal experience with the app?
I freaking love it & it gives me entertainment because i’m always bored. it’s given me time to be creative with videos.