Yes, teachers do have lives outside of the classroom

Macee Almon, Reporter

Kids at New Albany High School may just think that teachers sleep in cots behind their desk and have been teaching since they were born, but my goal is to show the students the cool side of their teachers and staff here at New Albany. Mr. David Bradley is a prime example of a teacher who is passionate about things outside of his job!

Q: How long have you worked at New Albany?

A: I have been here since 2011. I did student teaching the year prior to the year. 

Q: Have you always wanted to teach?

A: Not always. I was never against it but, I was in the military for 10 years prior to going back to school. My wife was a teacher and she said ‘we would have a lot of similar times off’ and things like that. My father was a teacher, so I got to thinking about it more and more and so one thing lead to another and I became a teacher.

Q: What are some interests that you have outside of teaching?

A: I am an avid guitar player. I’ve played guitar since I was 12 years old so it’s like my number one hobby. I also do a lot of fishing. 

Q: During breaks (fall break, Christmas break, etc.) what do you find yourself doing?

A: During fall break, [my family and I] go down to Gatlinburg for a couple days because my father-in-law has a cabin. Other than that, we typically just hang out and do family things.

Q: What are the greatest parts of being a father/husband? What are the difficulties?

A: The greatest part is just having that family and having the kids to go home and see every day. Another great part is having my wife where we can share similar experiences… being able to have that family unit to rely on. It can be stressful at times because kids can be turkeys! You don’t always agree with everything your significant other does so there can be a clash of personalities but the thing with having a family and being married is you learn how to overcome those things. 

Q: Before you were a teacher, what were some important or special things that you have done in your life?

A: Military was the biggest thing. Most of my time was in New Mexico. I was there for eight years, then I did a tour in Korea for a year. I did some time in San Antonio and Phoenix.