Blaze vs. Topp’t

The Subway’s of Pizza, Which is Better?


A regular sized two topping pizza from Toppt, with chicken and bacon.

Abby Moutardier, Reporter

Blaze Fast Fired Pizza vs. Topp’t Handcrafted Pizza + Chopped Salads

In the growing industry of fast-casual dining, getting a pizza in three minutes is a very popular option.


Blaze pizza is 11″ with six slices. The crust is thinner, making it crisper, but also more likely to burn. There tends to be less cheese on it, and the sauce is slightly spicier. Blaze offers a Keto crust, gluten free crust,  and both vegetarian and vegan crust, but I have only had the traditional crust. I would give a pepperoni pizza at Blaze a 6.5/10.

A pepperoni pizza at Blaze.

Toppt Pizza comes on a thicker crust, and is an inch larger. This pizza also has 8 slices, which although slightly smaller than a Blaze slice, the overall half is larger than the former. Additionally, Toppt offers a gluten free crust, low-carb cauliflower crust,  and a thin crust. They tend to be more generous with the cheese, but where you get more cheese ultimately depends on who’s working. I prefer this pizza, and would give it a 9/10.


Toppt’s assortment of wraps, all of which can also be salads.

As for those looking to eat a bit lighter, both places offer salads, both in the form a side salad, and full entree salad. For those looking to go lighter than Pizza, but not quite salad territory, Toppt offerts a wrap.


Pizza isn’t high enough in carbs, therefore it’s important to get some type of bread to eat on the side.

Blaze is really slacking in this department, serving dough knots, in either a two or four count. These dough knots are subpar, and typically served somewhat burnt. They do come with marina sauce, which could help with the dryness.

Toppt’s cheese sticks, in the larger size. Credits to the Courier Journal.

Toppt has two variants of carb-based side dishes- cheese sticks and breadsticks. I can’t speak on the breadsticks, but the cheese sticks are really good. I would compare them to Papa John’s, however slightly higher quality. They use the same crust as they do with the pizza, yet instead of sauce, there is a garlic rub, mozzarella cheese, and cheddar cheese. They also come with mozzarella, but here it is an enhancement as opposed to a necessity.


You’ve had your cheese & meat covered bread with a side of your garlic enhanced bread, now you need some sweet bread to finish off the meal. Both places have several options, with their common ground being S’mores

A s’more at Blaze, served hot after being melted in the same oven as the pizza.

Blaze wins this round, with their S’mores coming sandwiched between two English graham cracker cookie, a large marshmallow, and Hershey chocolate. They can be served melted or cold, however you would be stupid to order it the latter. As for other options, Blaze offers a chocolate chip chocolate and a brownie.

Toppt’s S’more is nothing special. It’s a simple graham cracker, with half a Hershey bar and three marshmallows, melted and topped with a chocolate syrup drizzle. Toppt also has cinnamon sticks, which use the same crust as the cheese sticks, but instead have a cinnamon butter, and a chocolate chip cookie pizza, which is served in very thick triangles. One more major difference is that Toppt offers ice cream, which can be made into a dipped cone or served in a cup to create a root beer float.



We can’t compare exactly, but prices are probably one of the most important aspects when deciding where to eat as broke high schoolers.

Overall, Blaze has cheaper prices, but Toppt has a larger pizza for almost $2 cheaper.