Staying fit on the off season

Tips for staying healthy and in shape for student athletes


Jona Carper, Reporter

   Staying fit on the off-season is sometimes tough for athletes who only play school sports. The gap between the end of the season and the beginning of the next can sometimes be detrimental for the athlete. 

    As many of us athletes like to just chill on the couch and eat when we’re not in season, things like having a healthy and balanced diet can help with staying in shape for the upcoming season, instead of gaining weight and losing the skills that we once had. 

    The first thing to do to stay in shape during the offseason is to have a balanced diet. It’s sometimes hard not to fall back into the process of eating junk food every day, but part of being an athlete is knowing what’s good for your body during the season and while not in season. Eating breakfast every morning is a good way to start out this process. Especially when you have a long day at school, having a good, healthy breakfast will help keep you awake and ready for the day ahead. 

    Next is the meals. Instead of having three square meals a day, having five to seven smaller meals throughout the day is much healthier than having three big meals. According to Healthline, eating frequent, smaller meals increase metabolism. Instead of binging on the couch while watching, splitting up your meals into small portions will help keep the extra weight off that you would normally get from binge eating.

    According to Kids Health, student-athletes shouldn’t go on a strict diet, since they need the most fuel possible for sports that are more intense, such as swimming, wrestling, dance, or gymnastics. Eating a variety of healthy foods helps to keep weight management easy. 

    Determination is key when it comes to managing your weight, and not just for athletes, but for everyone in general. Keeping up with good eating habits can be hard for some people, but it’s especially needed for student-athletes.