Track and Field 2020

Phillip Haag, Reporter

Though the state recognizes the New Albany track team has lost seniors that have helped the past four years Senior Collin Malloy is confident we will still have a good team this year.

Q. What are you looking forward to this season? 

A. I look forward to mostly watching all the young talented runners we have, all the freshmen and sophomores we have that are going to do great.

Q. Do you think that the 4 by 4 team will be just as dominant as last year’s team? 

A. More than likely not, because last year we had to collegiate athlete. That’s hard to pass when we had three leave. That’s definitely something that’s probably not gonna happen but who knows.

Q. What are your favorite parts of the track season?

A. My favorite part of the track season is for sure indoor, because instead of having a cross country race where because only see you for a little bit everyone’s watching you the whole time and everyone can see you so its all a big chant you can feel everyone watching so it’s more exhilarating.

Q. What do you think the team’s best events will be this year?

A. I honestly think the two-mile and then the springing events like the 100, 200, and like the four by one. Hopefully, the mile can do something.

Q. What do you hope to improve on before the season starts?

A. I hope that we can improve on the chemistry between the sprinters and the distance running so we can collaborate and be better. the distance team is always really close and I know the sprinters are close so if we are able to all become close it will help dramatically.

Q. What events do you think we can be state qualifiers in?

A. Last we lost three very important athletes, so hopefully we can try to make as many as we can. More than likely it will be the four by one.