Does Social Media Influence Relationships


Noah Summers, Reporter

     Like, Comment, Share. Social Media is no stranger to showcasing everyone’s lifestyle. With apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc relationships are being exaggerated and unblemished to fit the “ideal” relationship. We idolize these posts and apply them to our own relationships but fall through because it will never meet those expectations. Retweet. 

      Social Media has modified how we live day to day. It’s diverse and continues to grow, as users grow followers. Whether it’s by promoting healthier lifestyles, showcasing a new addition to the family, or even relationships. There are many accounts that encourage a stable and healthy relationship and that people reflect and try to imitate on their own. Not all but the majority do use they’re personal relationships and connect them to these posts with sweet sentimental gestures and loving hearts. Is it normal?

       Occasionally, everyone sees a post that reminds them of their significant other. These posts leave the user questioning their own relationship for the good or bad. But these posts don’t witness what happens behind the post. Every relationship is different, so to compare it to others especially on social media is wrong. Behind every relationship, is an argument, heartbreak, or untold story that a post can never caption. Social Media influences how we perceive ourselves and others. It should also highlight the bad to enforce that it is a community with people who deal with the same situation as you. It could also lead to healthy alternatives instead of other methods like substance abuse.

      Picture this, you’re casually scrolling on Instagram. You come across another relationship account filled with couples hugging, kissing, creating over the top spectacles. One post is a boy surprising his girlfriend with a bouquet of tulips and a giant red heart filled with chocolates. That’s sweet, right? It is, but did you ever think about the reasoning behind his action. “Surprising” could have also been a sympathetic apology for some reason. The point is, social media can influence how we see posts and it can be miss leading.  

        Again, everyone has their own relationships and judges it. That’s okay. Keep in mind to not criticize or embellish a relationship that is fabricated for likes. People should not take everything at face value when it comes to social media. Behind the camera, it could be an entirely different relationship that is captured by society. Be true and honest to what you share. People should not take everything at face value when it comes to social media.