How to make a mask


Abby Moutardier, Reporter

With the CDC recommending wearing mask, you can easily make your own with some scrap fabric and a sewing machine.

Materials Needed

  • two pieces of fabric cut into 10×6 rectangles (palm print is the front, zebra is the back)
  • sewing machine or needle and thread

    Supplies needed
  • sewing pins
  • elastic or ponytail holders (I recommend the ones for thick hair)
  • scissors
Have your flap pinned over on the back side.

Step 1.  Pin your fabric to together on the top and bottom and sew it together.

It should look like this

Step 2. If using elastic- fold a piece of elastic into your fabric, and pin. Sew.

Repeat on both sides.

It should look like this from the back.
And this from the front.

Step 3. If using elastic- tie both ends together, cut the “tails” off your knot and tuck it into the fold.

Finished Product

Step 2. If using ponytail holders- fold the fabrics inwards over the ponytail holder, this will be frustrating, but eventually it will work. Carefully, sew it together.

Repeat on both sides.

Final Product with Ponytail Holders