New girls basketball head coach named

Shelby Gliebe brings energy and enthusiasm to the court


News and Tribune

Samantha Haub, Reporter

Shelby Gliebe has already begun planning for the future of Bulldog basketball.

“I graduated from South Central High School in Elizabeth then went to Maryville University of Saint Louis on a basketball scholarship,” Gliebe said.

Most recently Gliebe finished her first year at Clarksville High School as head coach.

“My favorite memories are winning three sectionals in high school,” Gliebe said. “Winning a sectional championship in the state of Indiana is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Another great memory was winning our conference tournament my freshman year of college when we weren’t even supposed to make the tournament. There’s just something about winning a title as an underdog!” 

Gliebe’s high school team had many successes which helped her as a coach. 

“I was a skill development coach for Larry Hughes at his basketball academy,” Gliebe said. “When my husband and I moved back to Indiana, I coached the 7th grade at Lanesville High School and was a Varsity Assistant. I then became the Head Coach at Clarksville High School where I spent the 2019-20 season.”

Gliebe is happy to be a Bulldog.

“Honestly, coaching at New Albany is a dream job,” Gliebe said.

Gliebe explains that the environment and the way that New Albany is spoken of is all the more reason to work at New Albany High School. 

“My biggest goal is to establish relationships with the entire program, K-12, and to set a solid foundation of the culture I expect to be upheld,” Gliebe said. “Especially in the weird time we’re in right now, building and fostering those relationships are going to be huge in moving the program forward in a positive direction.”

Bringing in a positive attitude and dedication to coaching, Gliebe will also teach in the building. 

“Coach Gliebe, from the first meeting, was extremely excited about the New Albany position,” Athletic Director B.J. McAlister said. “[She] has a plethora of experiences we felt would make a great addition to [New Albany] such as: working for former NBA Larry Hughes Basketball Academy, her playing experiences at Division II, coaching in the area and at lower levels. Bottom line, Coach Gliebe’s energy and enthusiasm from day one to share her vision and goals for New Albany basketball set her apart.” 

Gliebe’s excitement will become an advantage for the new head coach. 

“The three biggest strengths I believe that made me a strong candidate are that I am young, enthusiastic, and I enjoy the grind,” Gliebe said. “ I have a strong passion for basketball, for coaching, and for leading young people.”

Mr. McAlister says Gliebe was exactly what NAHS was looking for. 

“Number one: we wanted a license teacher who could be in the New Albany building,” McAlister said. “ Second, we wanted someone with experience coaching/playing at different levels. Mostly, we wanted someone who would passionately lead and promote New Albany Girls’ Basketball in our community everyday.”

As for Gliebe, all of those expectations were met. 

“My coaching style is enthusiastic, yet laid back,” Gliebe said. “I like to set clear expectations and hold everybody accountable to those, including myself, and the coaching staff. I am very big on character development so I like to lead and empower the girls through basketball, not necessarily for basketball.”

Gliebe says her expectations are not only on how good a player is on the court, but rather how good a player is as a person.  

“There is a lot more to basketball than winning and losing. I will also never ask my players to do something that I’m not willing to do, so I will jump in a scrimmage, drill, or workout every now and then to show them I’m not as washed up as I may seem.”

Gliebe says she wants to prove to her team that she can do everything that she expects her team to do.

 “Being a part of a culture like New Albany is something every coach and teacher hopes to be a part of at some point in their career and I’m very fortunate to be getting this opportunity so early in mine,” Gliebe said. 

“We have the same expectations for Coach Gliebe as all our head coaches- to promote and develop our student athletes while providing a safe environment for the student athletes,” McAlister said. “We want Coach Gliebe to be excited to grow and develop New Albany students and student athletes everyday. Wins and losses will take care of themselves.”

“I’m extremely excited to be leading this program and I feel very fortunate to be in this position! I can’t wait until we are able to gather again and get back in the gym!”