2020 Retirees// Mrs. Geneva Fry


Abby Moutardier, Reporter

The 2020 school year ended without closure for not only seniors, but for several faculty and staff who are retiring. Science teacher Mrs. Geneva Fry didn’t know her last day as a teacher at NAHS would be before spring break.

Mrs. Geneva Fry // Science

How long have you been at NA and what has changed since you started?

I’ve been at NAHS since 2010-2011, I’ve worked under 2 principals and over 10 assistant principals/deans. The prom moved from downtown Louisville, to Mellwood to nowhere in particular. The computer learning business has really increased since I’ve been here, for better or worse.  Since  I taught with Novel Stars and with Curricula for the alternative school before I came here, it is no big deal, but not everyone is ready for these programs and I really think they are only for some people.

How does it feel to end your year like this?

This year has been weird for me in general. I’ve had health issues and was put on part-time by my doctor, but I didn’t expect the world to have health issues too.

Do you have any specific stories or memories over the years?

Yes, but I’ll save them for my book. lol. (as if)

What will you miss most about NA?

The students and the Science Department folks. 

What, if anything, makes NA different from other schools?

The science dept. operates like a family and that isn’t always true in other schools. A lot of the students here are the “rock” for their families at home so they want to be treated as the adults they have been forced to be, even though they don’t always  know how to “do adulting”. 

What made you decide to retire this year/ how long have you known this was your last year?

My health. I was going to retire at 66, but the stress of the job told my body, no way. I started to realize that this would have to be my last year two years ago, when I suddenly started to miss school days. Prior to that I always felt like being in school.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The fifth period can be either my best or worst class. Any year you pick. There is something about lunch that gets their minds and bodies going. I also don’t think we should have seven periods. Six was good enough when I was in school, and is fine for many places, but I guess with computers there is more to learn.