Behind the mask

Students express personal style with their masks

Macee Almon, Reporter

Photo taken by: Olivia Licerio (Senior)

Senior Olivia Licerio

Q: Why did you chose this mask?

A: I chose this mask because I think it’s cute and cool, plus nobody should get offended by it.

Q: How do you feel about wearing masks all day at school?

A: I feel like masks being worn all day at school is definitely a good safety precaution for Covid-19, I just wish they did the “A and B” days by grade, like seniors and juniors on Monday, and sophomores and freshmen on Tuesdays. We definitely miss out on seeing all of our friends. The masks are good way to make sure everyone is safe, but after walking up those stairs the masks are a hassle because they fog up my glasses.






Photo credit: Troy Jones

Senior Troy Jones

Q: What does your mask mean to you?

A: This mask means a lot to me because of what it represents. School spirit is especially important to me, and being a senior makes that all the more important. In times like this, it’s nice to have a little glimmer of cheer on our masks, which is why I try to wear this one when at school!

Q: How do you feel about wearing masks at school?

A: Wearing masks at school isn’t my greatest preference in the world, but it’s a general service to everyone in keeping them safe. I miss being close to my pals in theatre and wearing a smile whenever I can, but I know with the current condition of the world, we aren’t able to go about those wonders we had before.