2021 Fashion: What’s in and what’s out

2020 fashion evictions & 2021 fashion predictions


Ally Landgraf, Reporter

Every new year fashion takes the spotlight and rings in new substantial trends for all ages, sizes and identifications. 

I looked at major fashion trends of last year, 2020, and determined which we should keep and which we should gladly leave behind. I also predicted fashion trends for the new year, 2021, based on past styles and my own preferences. 

Fashion often repeats itself, so don’t be surprised if you see familiar pieces within the list. 

2020 Trends: Toss or Keep? 

6. Masks of all styles and variations. 2020 was a big year for fashion trends, especially in the mask department, for certain, pandemic related reasons. With the advice and rules for wearing them, let’s just say masks have made a big mark in the fashion industry. From companies to at-home DIY, we’ve seen simple solid colored masks to extravagant masks made with sequins and chains. There have been creative designs for each scenario, such as adjustable ear loops for sports and double layers for more protection. Masks are for safety first, but it’s fun to dress it up a bit.

Masks? Keep. 


5. Cow Print. Animal print has always been trending, from cheetah to zebra. For 2020, cow print took the throne. Cow print was applied to everything, clothing, furniture, everyday accessories, and almost anything else you can think of. It was definitely not the worst animal print to trend, but I think one year is enough.

Cow print? Toss. 


4. Bucket Hats. Bucket hats became majorly popular in the 1980s, worn in street fashion and with popular rappers. The trend recently came back to the scene and the runway, with many celebrities sporting the look. There have been many patterns and textures of bucket hats since the new trend, from see-through to sequins and fuzz. Even if you’re wearing a solid color hat, they will definitely spice up your outfit.

Bucket Hats? Keep. 


3. Tennis skirts and collared sweatshirts. Tennis skirts have been paired with collared sweatshirts recently, and they’ve been worn by adults and teenagers alike. Just like bucket hats, this originally trended in the 1980s. The clothes are more modern now but just as stylish. 

Tennis skirts and sweatshirts? Keep. 


2. Patchwork clothing. Patchwork clothing has come back from the 90s, and it’s just as popular. The handmade feel is what makes these clothes, including the very noticeable stitch work. Pairing colors and patterns is very important for this fashion choice. Although this is very fun and out there, I don’t think the patchwork will work, for 2021.

Patchwork? Toss. 

1. Outer Banks, or “Pogue”, style. A popular Netflix series that came out in April of 2020, Outer Banks, sparked a whole new fashion trend after the laid-back, beach style costume design. The series was so loved that watchers picked up the style almost immediately, the bandanas, simple jeans shorts, and handmade bead necklaces seen on almost everyone. This style of clothing is anything but new, yet the “pogue” style was all the rage at the beginning of 2020. Yet is it for the new year? Maybe not until the next season.

Pogue Style? Toss. 


Six Fashion Predictions for 2021


6. Regency Era Fashion. Corsets and the Regency Era will be a huge part of the fashion industry in 2021. Another popular Netflix show, Bridgerton, has sparked this new fashion trend. Corsets have already taken up a storm this January, and many have shared the thought of bringing old dresses and styles back. The Regency Era was from 1811-1820 and consisted of the empire gown with low necklines and short sleeves. On the other hand, some gowns had a higher neckline and long sleeves. The chemisette was also a staple. This is a prime example of history, in fashion, repeating itself, and I definitely think it’ll make a comeback in 2021.


5. GAP. GAP is a clothing and accessories store, popular in the 90s with celebrities and everyone alike. GAP is a great store for many different types of clothing, and it has been around since 1969. It fell off after the 90s, but I believe it could make a comeback in 2021, especially with the younger crowd.


4. Pastels. Pastels were majorly popular in the 50s and have always been implemented into style choices, but I really think this year pastels may be the go to colors. In 2020, colors like sage green, white, and light browns were popular. I think pastels will be all the rage. 


3. Skater Influence. The skater style is all about being practical and comfortable. This style is functional and loose for, as the name implies, skating. This style has layers for protection and an edgy look to it. It’s aesthetic is casual and carefree with an anti-establishment touch. This has been trendy before, but I really think it could be a big thing for 2021.


2. 70s Style. The style in the 70s was full of bell bottoms, corduroys, high waisted jeans, and out-there colors. Tie-dye and tassels were also majorly popular. All of these trended in the 70s, and have trended since then, especially high waisted jeans in 2020. I think since the rise of this era of fashion started trending in 2020, it’ll be even more popular in 2021.

Baseball Jackets. Baseball jackets are my personal favorite on this list. Also known as letterman or varsity jackets, these are often worn by athletes and can list a number or name or both on the fabric. Layering is always a neat way to spice up an outfit, and I think baseball jackets could add to that. Or a baseball jacket could be a light, cute way to add to a more laid back look.


Honorable Mentions:

Skinny Jeans

Elevated Sequins

Gloves/opera gloves

Chunky rings