We all scream for Zesto’s

An inside look on the job of a Zesto’s girl

BY Olivia Keller

Zestos imageEvery little girl who loves ice cream dreams of being a Zesto’s girl…well almost all of them. Zestos has been locally owned and operated since 1951 and it has become a place to come eat when visiting from college, meet after a baseball game, or simply enjoy some delicious ice cream.

For some of our NAHS girls, they get the chance to work at this locally owned micro creamery.

Junior Megan McAfee has been working at Zestos since May 2013 and it has become more than just a job for her.

“I love working at Zesto’s,” McAfee said. “Everyone gets along well. Most of my co-workers have become really good friends of mine.”

Since the time McAfee started, she has encountered the die-hard Zestos customers who all the workers know. They even become familiar with the customers they encounter.

“There are many people we see daily and you know their order and exactly how they like it,” McAfee said.” Eventually you create a mutual friendship with these people.

Although this job may seem fun and easy, there are many hard assignments that these girls have to go through and the typical workday can be difficult.

“I usually get to work about 15 or 20 minutes early and work shifts from about 5-10,” McAfee continues. “We get a 15 minute break to eat and throughout our shifts we are constantly cleaning to keep the place tidy. We have a to-do list everyday, which consist of things in the store that need to be filled. When the night is over, each person has a ‘closing job’, which can be cleaning dishes, cleaning front, cleaning window, ect.”

The job of working at Zestos can be a hard and enduring one, but according to McAfee it is worth it.


  • Green= Trainee
  • Yellow= Cashier/ Regular employee
  • Pink=Group leader/Trainee Leader
  • Purple= Manager in training
  • Orange= Manager

Megan’s top 10

  1. Smores Vortex
  2. Peanut Butter Oreo Vortex
  3. Pork Nachos
  4. Coconut Hand Dip with Brown Derby
  5. Blue Raspberry Pina Colada Slushy
  6. Peanut Butter Pretzel Yogurt
  7. Peanut Butter and Jelly vortex
  8. Orange Sherbert Shake
  9. Chilli Cheese Dog with Nacho Cheese
  10. Cake Batter Hand Dip Shake