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By: Kylee Jackson

Freshman Dylan Clark really stepped it up at the end of the NAHS 2015 football season.

When Clark was asked to take the starting position of Quarterback in a game against our rivals FC, he was unsure of how he would preform.

“I was a little nervous, it was a big game,” said Clark. “All eyes would be on me.”

Being a freshman and having never started a high school game, many people were skeptical about him starting in such an important position during such an important game.

“If a freshman’s good enough to play the position, then I don’t think it’s a very big deal,” said Clark.

Before going into the game Clark said he was nervous and shaky.

“Walking onto the field knowing that the coach and my teammates had confidence in me really calmed me down,” said Clark.

Clark played an outstanding game and NA ended up beating FC by one point in the last 14 seconds. The crowd was chanting Clark’s name, and he walked off the field with a huge smile on his face.

“I think I did better than I expected,” said Clark. “I was really nervous and I wasn’t sure if that would effect how I played.”

After a great game Clark went on to start the first round of sectionals. The team and crowd seemed to gain respect for Clark after his first varsity game against FC and were now all cheering his name once again. Clark felt as if the team always respected him and believed in him and he was thankful for that.

“I gained my team’s and my coaches respect over the summer during conditioning, and they’ve always treated me equally,” said Clark.

The team lost to Jeff in the first round of sectionals, but overall had a great season. Clark plans for an even better season next year.