Vicious competition at this year’s annual Powder Puff game

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By: Jennifer Jacobs

NAHS junior and senior girls will face off for the annual Powder Puff game Monday, November 7 at 7 p.m. The event is a fundraiser sponsored by the cheerleaders.

From the Sidelines

Juniors – Coach Belcher

Q: What are you doing to prepare for the game?
A: Scrimmaging as much as possible in practice. Working the juniors as hard as possible so they are prepared for the game. They are at a disadvantage because they haven’t had the experience yet.
Q: Who do you think will win? Why?
A: Juniors! Although the seniors were amazing as juniors. I think we can still win. We have a ways to go though.
Q: Do you think you have a good group of girls this year?
A: Yes! Practices have been productive. The girls seem enthusiastic and are willing to learn. We have good speed on offense and defense.
Q: Why do you coach powderpuff?
A: I love to coach period. It is also a great fundraiser for cheerleaders, and I like to help out when I can.
Q: Who are the players the seniors need to watch out for?
A: All of them. I can’t give credit to any one player. We are a team, and a win will require an aggressive team effort. 
Seniors – Coach Prince
Q: Do you think the seniors will win? Why?
A: The seniors will win because we have superior athletes and greater motivation. Come on, who wants to end their senior year as losers?
Q: Why do you coach powderpuff? 
A: My friend Tim Quakenbush, father of Courtney and Casey, asked me to and I thought it would be fun.
Q: Who are the players the juniors need to watch out for?
A: Katie Rasmussen, Kiya Clay, Morgan Hutchison, Michelle Felix, Megan Goins.
Q: What have you been doing to prepare for the game?
A: We have been practicing in the mud at Prosser for the last two weeks and the linemen have been lifting weights and the whole team has been eating raw pig ears. We have also been using members of the freshman football team as tackling dummies *laughs*.
Player Insight

Kiya Clay, 12: “I think that the seniors are most likely to win not because we are faster, stronger, or have better plays but because of our previous experience. No junior can predict what it’s like to have the full force of the seniors running toward you.”
Melissa Blocker, 12: “Tradition always lives on, the juniors don’t have a chance against us!”
Dee Dee Flynn, 11: “I am pumped for the game. I have had a lot of fun at practices and I think we can win!”
Savannah Hunter, 11: “Everybody thinks the seniors are going to win. “I think they may be underestimating us.”
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Vicious competition at this year’s annual Powder Puff game