NAHS technology gets SMARTer

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A new type of technology takes education to a higher level

By Olivia Keller

**Editor’s note: In the September issue the SMART board news story on page one contained a few points that should be clarified. Each SMART Board classroom set costs around $8000, according to the NAFCS Education Foundation website. “A gift of $8,000 will provide one classroom with an entire SMART Board Technology suite.” Also, the PE department is not using a new SMART Board, but a portable board that was rotated throughout the building before each classroom was equipped with its SMART Board set. 

Spanish teacher Ms. Melissa Badger teaches her students using an interactive lesson with the new SMART board technology.

With the addition of the SMART boards, some teachers are working smarter while others are working harder. The new boards offer a different and more futuristic type of teaching.

NAHS was awarded a grant to receive SMART boards in all of the classes. These $8000 classroom sets offer a new 21st century way of learning.

“It is an immediate and more efficient way of learning,” said Spanish teacher Ms. Melissa Badger.”These boards give you the opportunity to pull up relevant topics and information with just a click or two and the whole class is able to view it.”

Badger has been working with SMART boards for two and a half years and can do anything from using the calligraphy pen, to grouping and dragging objects. With features like instant internet access, the possibilities to learning are endless.

The students are responding very positively to the new boards.

“I like them because I feel like they improve education” sophomore Clair Knable said. ”They give you new ways to learn material.”

“I can get students to do things on the SMART board that most kids wouldn’t do on a worksheet,” Badger said. “Students find the boards interesting and like to be involved in new technology.”

On the other hand, some students think that the SMART boards are a waste of money. PE classes also received the SMART boards and a lot of students are sounding off. Students feel like PE, which doesn’t usually use their white boards, should not be getting a $5000 board that might only be turned on once.

Art classes are having a hard time switching to the new boards too. The boards don’t compliment some of the tecniques.

“The pens, when doing an art demo, are not accurately timed and they always give the same effect no matter how hard the pressure,” art teacher Ms. Sarah Collins said.

Teachers, old and young, all over the building are having a hard time adjusting to a board that was just installed four months ago. With all the different options, a lot of teachers are just using the basics and not utilizing all the features of the SMART boards and what really makes them smart.

Badger offers advice, “ Don’t be afraid to play around on it and make sure you go to the SMART Board exchange website. It has tons and tons of good stuff.” Badger said.

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  1. Rebecca on September 21st, 2012 12:55 am

    i think that a PE class does not need them. why have them in the gym where it could get broke. the regular classrooms yes they could use them and need them but not in the gym


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NAHS technology gets SMARTer