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Finally, after three long seasons, it’s here. Fall. And with it comes the usual, leaves turning, bonfires with friends, and the almighty football season. Sometimes it may be difficult to be a supporting fan, but by the end of this article fans will go from Bulldog zero, to game day hero.

By Franci Burton

Dress to impress

Dressing to the theme at the game is a simple way to boost school sprit, and head of student council, Mr. David Ballage, agrees.

“Themes are a way to get students involved and excited about the games,” Ballage said. “Hobo, Hawaiian, and the classic red, black, and white outs have all always been big hits for themes at football and basketball games.”

It may sound hard to dress for the theme, but really it’s as easy as one, two, three.

1. Listen to the announcements in third period to hear what the theme is.

2. Get together with your friends and get creative. Anywhere from making a t-shirt to dressing in full costume will do.

3. Show up to the game in style. Roll up listening to your favorite pump-up song and get hyped to cheer on the team.

If fans ever miss out on hearing the theme wearing a basic red, black, or white shirt is a safe way to cheer on the Dogs!

Tweet for defeat

Most kids have Facebook and Twitter accounts, so why not use them to show school spirit? Often times the week before a big rival game Twitter and Facebook will be filled with school-spirited statuses. Join in on the fun and help your classmates, or rival classmates, get hyped for the game. Try Tweeting something like “Let’s Go Dogs!” or “#Redpride” to get yourself and your social networking friends as excited as you are. But remember, keep it clean!

Cheer up

Being a part of the student section is a good way to support the Dogs. But in order to fit in fans have to get pumped up! Sophomore cheerleader Amber Richmer knows just how to get the students involved.

“The D-O-G-S cheer is always a fan favorite,” said Richmer. “Usually at smaller games the fans aren’t as into it like they are at big games, but it’s still a good pump up for the student section to do!”

If fans don’t know the cheer, try asking an upperclassman. Standing there saying nothing makes fans look like bigger fools then cheering along with the rest of the school.

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  1. english bulldog fan on October 4th, 2012 3:13 pm

    english bulldogs. best dogs on earth. 🙂


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