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XXXTENTACION wanted to be the first to inform people of the fight that supposedly happened between himself and Migos.

On his Instagram story, X told us that he was jumped in Los Angeles. While he didn’t say who at first, he showed us the battle scars he had present on his body, as well as blood from somebody in his hair.

In his rant, the 19-year-old rapper claimed that the arguably most famous trio in the rap game Migos had jumped him. In one of the stories he named the group off by saying “I ain’t mad because I got 35 year old ****** trying to fight me. Y’all ****** **** as ****. **** Quavo, **** Offset.. uh, **** that ***** ******… uhm what’s it called? Liftoff? **** liftoff, **** all y’all ***** *********.”

He also said that somebody pulled a gun out on him, his girlfriend, and his homeboy. He went at all three rappers of the group with another story post in which he said “**** the Migos, straight up… Y’all ***** had the chance to kill me. How you have fire and ain’t shoot me after all the **** I been talkin? How the **** you ain’t shoot me. Yall ***** ***** as ****.”

The rapper would contradict his claim in another post saying that Migos didn’t literally jump him, but members of the rap group did.

X posted a video of Takeoff, whom he refers to as “Liftoff” who allegedly was running away from X, and didn’t want to fight. He also made a post about Migos affiliate Offset’s fiancée Cardi B, also a big mainstream rapper, saying that he didn’t have beef with her and that he “bumped” her hit single “Bodak Orange” in the shower.

XXXTENTACION is known for claiming situations that become violent on social media, but has been in a number of actions involving getting under people’s skin.

Migos on the other hand is known for rapping about the tough trap lifestyle they claim to live, but if this rumor of running away from X is true, some people’s view of the rappers might be altered.

Migos is supposedly working on Culture 2, the follow up album of their breakthrough project Culture that dropped in January.

X is coming off his debut album 17 that had several mainstream hits off the rapper’s first studio production.