Newly Wed / From McLaughlin to Dillon

Sophie Owens, Profile Editor

Math teacher Jackie McLaughlin tied the knot September 23, 2017.

Q: What was the first thought when you were asked if you wanted to get married?

A: I was scared. My parents are divorced because my mom left and my parents act like children whenever they have to talk to each other. So I never really thought I would ever find someone to marry. I’ve been married for a few months and sometimes it is hard to believe that I am married.

Q: Can you describe the person you married?

A: He is a large child. He is loving, caring, funny, outgoing, down to earth, handy, and my better half.


Q: Can we have a description or theme of your wedding?

A: It was laid back and very much a backyard family get together. We got married at the Pepin Mansion which is beautiful, but we got married outside. So we had a tent and lights set up. It was a great way to bring two families together.

Q: Were there any added presses to being a teacher and planning a wedding ceremony with a reception?

A: Time. It took a lot of work to plan the wedding. I actually did everything early so that I didn’t have to stress about planning my wedding. Taking the few days off before my wedding was stressful because you never know how students are going to act for subs.

Q: Is there anything you would or could change about the time spent in preparation to your wedding or your actual wedding?

A: I wouldn’t change much outside of it being 90 degrees. I think my wedding was awesome and I’d do it again if I didn’t have to plan anything.

Q: How is it being a married teacher? Is there any difference from being unmarried?

A: It is honestly pretty much the same. Except my name and saying the word husband.