Newly Wed (Second Edition)

From Flispart to Flispart

Sophie Owens, Profile Editor

Q: How did you know you wanted to get married? What took that relationship to the next level for you?

Kevin Flispart: I felt that things were just right and it was the correct decision. We got together when we were younger, time just went by and the relationship just evolved naturally.

Q: Can you describe the person you married?

K.F.: She has such a sweet soul, she’s my best friend, and overall she’s perfect for me. I honestly cannot imagine any other person for me.

Q: What was the day of your wedding?

K.F.: The first Saturday of Fall Break.

Q: Can we have a description or theme of your wedding?

K.F.: It was a traditional wedding, we had it in a church. It was very classy and off white.

Q: Were there any added pressures to being a teacher and having to plan a wedding ceremony with a reception?

K.F.: No, since I was the groom most of the planning was my bride’s responsibility. She enjoyed planning the wedding. I did help with little details like deciding the food.

Q: Is there anything you would or could change about the time spent in preparation to your wedding or your actual wedding?

K.F.: Yes, I would definitely tell my pastor to eat food, and take a break the day before. (He had a slight panic attack from being overworked and not eating during the ceremony.)

Q: How is it being a married teacher? Is there any difference from being unmarried?

K.F.: It has managed to stay the same as it was before, my fiance and I have been together for so long that there really was no difference.