K-pop is poppin’

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K-pop is poppin’

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At the 45th Annual American Music Awards in November the most monumental performance wasn’t even in English.

BTS performed DNA, the lead single for their mini-album “LOVE YOURSELF: 承 ‘Her’”, making history as the first K-pop group to play the AMAs.

“It was a proud moment for ARMY,” junior Madi Renn said.

“K-pop stands for Korean pop music, which consists of groups of, or solo, male or female idols that make music, have sharp dance routines and fashionable outfits,” Renn said. “The styles can range from pop to rock to hip hop to R&B to electronic, or a mixture of multiple.”

“I watched BTS perform on the AMAs and I screamed,” junior Yessy Sanchez said.

BTS’s performance on the AMA’s

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