Senior Kameron Guess tees off

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Senior Kameron Guess tees off

Tanner Burch, Reporter

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Personal Sports Profile #12

 This senior has been playing golf since he was six or seven years old. Transitioning between a new roster of players, this senior has done it all.    

 Senior Kameron Guess has been playing golf for the Bulldogs since his freshman year.

 “I’ve always liked golf,” Guess said. “I watched my dad growing up play golf; that’s what really got me into playing golf. Tiger Woods was also an inspiration for me, I wanted to be like him. We would watch him on TV every Sunday winning tournaments.”

Even though he says he enjoys the sport, he considers conditioning to be one of the most difficult aspects of the sport and more specifically, the terrain.

“The toughest part about golf conditioning would be walking up and down the courses that are real hilly,” Guess said. “I mean, stamina can sometimes be an issue.”

 His main goal this year is to be a better leader on the team. 

 “This year I want to be a better leader on the team and help my teammates,” Guess said. “I want to go as far in the tournament as possible and I just want to go out, and play the best that I possibly can every time. I aim keep a positive attitude as well.”

 When reflecting on the personal goals that have been accomplished, Guess could only think of one.  

 “Of course there are times when I go out and I don’t play necessarily the best that I can,” Guess said. “Yet, I mean I would say I succeed, because I learn from my mistakes.”  

 Guess considers golf to be an underappreciated sport because of the lack of attention golf receives.

 “I think a lot of people don’t know about it, per say, because golf isn’t a very big sport,” Guess said. “You know, we’re a very basketball-football oriented school but I mean, we’ll get there one day – to where golf will be a bigger name sport.”

 In order to expose the sport a little bit more, Guess thinks that recruiting more players is the way to do it.

“I just try to get as many people involved in the sport as possible, just try to get them to see if they even want to go out, and play,” Guess said. “Not necessarily telling them to play for the team, but just go, and see if they like playing it. Golf for fun.”

 Playing golf in high school has provided opportunities for him, he’s certain he’ll play golf in college. 

  “If I could since I love golf, and I do plan on playing it for the rest of my life,” Guess said. “Playing it in college, traveling, and seeing some of the courses they play at would be an awesome experience.”

 His advice for incoming freshmen: “Don’t worry about your past shot, worry about the shot you got in front of you, and don’t let it mess with you too much mentally. Just keep a positive frame of mind and you’ll do a lot better.”