Thrifty Shopping

Consignment shops becoming trendier

Chandler Price, Reporter

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Junior Michael Adam says he loves finding unique items at local thrift shops. 

High-end stores are selling their used merchandise for a low price to thrift stores, according to The Guardian. Many people gravitate towards the idea of being able to pay less for expensive clothing.

“The thrift store is cheap and nice, like you can find name brand items for cheap prices,” junior Michael Adam said.

With each purchase that is made in a thrift shop, the community benefits from it, according to Huffington. It helps with families that receive very low incomes, and some organizations help with medical assistance in the community.

“Thrift shops help people save money with less of a income,” junior Maria McGill said.

Many people go to thrift shops to scavenger for vintage items;  thrift shops are known to offer name-brand used vintage clothing that is rare to find in the fashion world today, according to One Green Planet. Thrift shops also help to keep your communities landfill clean, since the shops accept furniture and more.

“There are so many vintage items at the thrift shop and yard sales,” Adams said.

Over the past few years thrift shopping has become more of a trend and hobby for many.

“Thrift shopping has become really trendy lately,” junior Hannah Sweet said.

Think of the song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore symbolizes how the trend of thrift shopping is cool. Macklemore told NPR in an interview he goes thrift shopping.

“The profits from a thrift shop goes to charity, unlike huge department stores that go to a corporation,” Sweet said.